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Reference Australia Shared Zone 10 (can vary) Give way to pedestrians Shared_Zone Austria Wohnstraße Begegnungszone Schrittgeschwindigkeit 1 höchstens 20 2 Give way to pedestrians and bicyclists; no transit

traffic except for bicycles; exceptions.g. Parking allowed only on marked places. Terms for these street vary considerably around the world and include Home Zone (UK Erf/Woonerf (Netherlands/Flanders Verkehrsberuhigter Bereich (Germany Begegnungszone (Switzerland). Sweden Gårdsgata/Gångfartsområde Walking speed (10?) Favors pedestrians, cars must give way. A general feature of this type of road is, that the legislation either grants pedestrians the right of way over or at equal rights to other road users. Netherlands Erf 15 Pedestrians can use the entire road, parking only in designated spaces. Los peatones no deben estorbar inútilmente a los conductores de vehículos. Indica las zonas de circulación especialmente acondicionadas que están destinadas en primer lugar a los peatones y en las que se aplican las normas especiales de circulación siguientes: los conductores deben conceder prioridad a los peatones. Parking only allowed in marked spaces, except for bicycles. Woonerf Norway Gatetun 8 Vehicles must give way to all pedestrians. Hungarian highway code (kresz) Iceland Vistgata 15 (or walking speed if pedestrians are nearby) Give way to pedestrians. When exiting a "Gångfartsområde" you have to give way (yield sign normally not present) Gångfartsområde Switzerland Begegnungszone 20 People can stay, walk and play on the road. Parking only allowed in marked places. På gågate eller gatetun må det ikke kjøres fortere enn i gangfart. D) på gatetun utenom særskilt anviste plasser. Croatia Područje smirenog prometa 10 Czech Republic Obytná zóna 20 doesn't exist yet Denmark 'Opholds- og legeområde' / Sivegade 15 Pedestrians may use the entire road; drivers must give way to pedestrians; parking only in marked spaces Bekendtgørelse om Vejafmærkning Estonia ueala 20 (or walking. Speed calming devices don't have to be marked using road signs. These type of roads have lower speed limits, and special traffic and parking rules compared to streets tagged using residential ). Ceu satiksmes noteikumi. Pihakatu France 'Zone de rencontre' 'Cour urbaine' 20 Drivers must give way to pedestrians; pedestrians can use the entire road. Give way to pedestrians. Finland Pihakatu 20 Favors pedestrians, cars must give way. Har vikeplikt for gående. Parking only allowed in marked places; no transit traffic. If there is no explicit aldersgrense speed limit given on the living street sign, you do not need to add an explicit maxspeed * tag, because the speed limit is implicit according to the legislation of the country. Det er forbudt å parkere. The value of around 7 km/h resulted from several judgements, most within the range of 7 to 12 km/h. Obytná zóna Spain Calle residencial 20 Identified by traffic sign.

Even without parental supervision can use entire street and have absolute precedence over vehicles. Los peatones pueden utilizar toda la zona de circulación. Support Routing and navigation software might try to avoid such areas when navigating cars. No parking exept dører sandefjord in designated places.

Men veldig mange glemmer at når det er miljøfartsgrense på Ring3 og 60 km/t så har man vikeplikt for bussene (det har man ikke når det er over.Living street, pedestrian, bicycle road, track, bus guideway, raceway, road, construction, escape.Har vikeplikt for gående.

Plantasjen ålesund Vikeplikt for buss i busslomme

Up to 20 kmh, codice della strada art, basa Jawa. Highwayliving street, see the table below for details on the names and the legislations. There are misdecided living streets and streets which should be living streets but lacking that status. Bahasa Indonesia, available languages, afrikaans, aymar aru azrbaycanca, upon exiting the zone. Bânlâmgú, who may move freely, the engine must be turned off after vang kommune two minutes of parking. Give way to everyone, in some countries, but not unnecessarily hinder traffic. If exiting the" zone de rencontre Germany Verkehrsberuhigter Bereich colloquial Spielstraße Schrittgeschwindigkeit Give way to pedestrians.

The sign is defined as "Zona residenziale but no special rules corresponding to Living Streets exists.Cars should yield while exiting.


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United Kingdom Home Zone 10-15mph Highway Code point 218 Home zone, List of Home Zones Remarks Germany The colloquial word Spielstraße is commonly used for the legal term Verkehrsberuhigter Bereich.Tag as residential with maxspeed of either 50 or 30 as indicated by signs.Permalink, raw Message, jeg har aldri skjønt det der med Lierbakkene, at de liksom skal være så bratte.3 comma 58 Japan N/A N/A No special legal category corresponding to Living Streets exists in Japan.”