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received higher wages. Understand how businesses are financed, and how to judge the profitability of investments. Meanwhile, more than 60 percent reported that a potential position jump was the

main reason for choosing executive education. Once you have logged in, you will be informed on the front page that you must answer the annual control. 43 percent have an increased annual income of over 61,000 kroner. Siden du skal gå på privatskole, så kan du også ha rett til et ekstra lån til å betale skolepenger. Academic progress for the calendar year 2017. Henjesand believes that executive education benefits the business community as a whole, regardless of whether it results in a position change or not. Har privatskoler noen påvirkning på støtten man får? Log in and go to your education plan to get an overview. You will be introduced to the basic concepts of marketing, learning how companies attract and keep their customers. In 2016, executive education should not just be considered "an advantage" but rather a necessity for both employees and employers, regardless of job level, says Henjesand. Note that payment will take place approximately two to three weeks after BI has received your documents. Tuition fees, if you have paid tuition fees, the form must show how much you have paid for both the autumn of 2017 and the spring of 2018. Learn how businesses optimise their practices. Hvor mye støtte kan jeg få? If Norway is to succeed in the increasingly knowledge-intensive international competition arena, then executive education must be the rule rather than the exception, says BI President, Inge Jan Henjesand. At BI there are a number of options available: You can also qualify for other master programmes at BI by taking prerequisite courses. Erasmus requirements: BI applies for the funding on your behalf and sends you an e-mail with all necessary information. New position and higher salary, former chief investigator at Kripos Jarl Ausland, fully self-funded his Executive Master of Management at BI and advanced to a new position afterf completing the programme. Core courses Courses common across all programmes. The lånekassen list is almost endless. With executive education, employees can give businesses an added value in the form of replenishment of professionally-relevant knowledge, says Henjesand. Anyone who has to document academic progress and tuition fees will be notified by Lånekassen. Elective, spring, macroeconomics Strategy lånekassen International Commercial Law Strategic Management Accounting What can you study afterwards? This skill set gives you the ability to systematically understand the financial activity of a business. The amount of tuition fees you have paid for the academic year. Internationalisation In 2017, there were students from different nationalities in the BBA programme. Mars er søknadsfrist for utdanningsstøtte i vårsemesteret.

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OLS language test prior to the exchange and one alta at the end of your exchange semester. Men opp til 40 av denne støtten kan gjøres om til stipend. Pdf, fikk du svar på det du lurte.

Language scholarship from, lånekassen, for studies in other languages than English.Erasmus If you are exchanging to universities within the EU, with which.BI has signed an Erasmus agreement, you will receive a scholarship.

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Du kan låne opp til kroner 60 149. For universities without Erasmus agreements only. You will learn about, electives Courses you can choose yourself. If you receive support from Lånekassen in Norway you are also entitled to this support while on exchange. If your bi lånekassen university provides you a letter instead of the Form. The survey also shows that most people who take executive education alongside their job. We need to systematically and continuously update ourselves professionally. You must wait to submit the form until the entire tuition fee has been paid.

You are on Twitter Mobile because you are using an old version of Chrome.Of course, a specialisation in for example finance helps when you want a career in finance.


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Ja Nei, jeg synes også du bør lese: Elever i videregående skole og studenter kan søke stipend og lån hos Lånekassen.For most, a new position also means a higher salary.answer: i Norge "Skal du ta delstudium i utlandet?".I realised that experience alone would not be sufficient, he told Finansavisen.”