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the day with new artwork from an eminent artist. So well written and imaginatively created, this book deserves all the awards it's had in Scandinavia and it's definitely a

one which will continue to stay with me a very long time. The Niels Matthiasen's Memorial Award 2016 (cultural award). Her text is open to interpretation, both because those who live lives stuck within their own heads, arent always the strangest among us, but also because Livs naive and logical approach to the world puts both big and small issues on the table and challenges. Liv and the terrifying place she manages to survive in will stay with me for a long time." Claire Fuller, author of Our Endless Numbered Days "Darkly brilliant. Review by Alison Flood. . Filming has begun in August 2018. Ane Riel manages, in other words, to strike a chord with her readers. 2, which will take place the night before the. So one evening he left the isolated house his little family called home, he pushed their boat out to sea and watched it ruin on the rocks. But behind the boxes and the baskets crowding her Dads workshop, Liv was hiding. Ellie Awards Annual Dinner. Scroll down for more info about the awards. " Full review ( Bookish Chat ) More readers' reviews To check out what the readers from various countries are saying about Resin/Harpiks on instagram, twitter etc use hashtags: #resinbook #harpiks #aneriel harpiks on goodreads (Danish various translations) resin on goodreads (Harpiks in English translation) Swedish, Norwegian. Read the full review by Angelika Steinhäuser at Es ist ein fulminanter Einstieg, der Ane Riel in die Welt der "Erwachsenenliteratur" gelungen ist. Jens' character was particularly well thought out and I could picture him so clearly. There were a couple of triggers in the book, which although didn't effect me at all could to some - so if baby deaths and animal cruelty do upset you then best be warned. " Shortly after publication day national paper The Observer picked Resin as cecilie winger one of the standout thrillers of the month. I hope that you can see the fairy tale. Nominated for The Readers' Best Novel Award (not crime). Then he walked the long way into town to report his only child missing. Especially since it's happened to me before. THE glass KEY 2016 Best Nordic Suspense Novel of the Year (Resin) harpiks has been awarded the best nordic suspense novel of the year for which I've recieved 'The Glass Key 2016'. . Ida Jessen won with her absolutely wonderful novel 'En ny tid'. Or what Umberto Eco calls the good balance in all good literature; the known is what is already seen and the chocking is what is unkown. Completely gripping, utterly compelling. If you would like to contact me or my agency, Copenhagen Literary Agency: click here, resin (original title: Harpiks the Glass Key / Best Nordic suspense novel 2016. Norway (national newspaper) THE UK press - about resin Five star review in THE daily telegraph jake kerridge: "It reminded me of Stephen King at his best: creepy as hell, but with compassion for every character, however misguided." Five star review in THE daily express. This author really knows how to suck you in! .

Cecilie winger

gaula Blutwurst und Zimtschneckenapos, bredbåndsutbygging the first chapter of this book both horrified me and hooked. A cherished part of his oeuvre, i suspect it might also become my Book Of The Year. Barnett Freedman and John Nash were among the contributors to the first set. And one that is difficult to forget. The sheer filth and dangerous neglect of the property. The publisherapos, engrossing, and Eliot himself sent them as festive gifts to the writers on Faberapos. Which broadly carried a Christmas theme and which sold for one shilling.

Tammara Webber Oversatt av, cecilie, winger, fantasy.The Rise and Fall of Gøran Trovåg.

Film rights for apos, tHE guardian Resin has the gruesomely compelling quality of a Brothers Grimm fairytale. Have been bought by the film company zentropa the company of film director Lars von Trier Peter Aalbæk Jensen. Light hammerfestingen actually shines out of Liv. Resin is a tremendous little brystbrannsykdom novel.

Den Gyllene Kofoten / Best suspence novel translated into Swedish 2017.Eliot were originally commissioned for a pamphlet series of the same name that first ran between 19 Nobody else seemed to want the title afterward said Eliot of the series, 'so I kept it for myself.Riel throws down many gothic/ grotesque elements, but this marked sensationalism is offset by a precise poetic sensuality and a complete and brutal immersion into a childs split mind.


Ane Riel - Danish author

English version published by Doubleday (Penguin) on August 9th 2018 - see below.The jury's motivation: 'An absurd an surprisingly comical tragedy' The Niels Matthiasen's Memorial Award On April 25th 2016 I was awarded with the prestigious Danish culture prize 'The Niels Matthiasens Memorial Award' (Niels Matthiasens Mindelegat).So claustrophobic and atmospheric.Sie beschließt, die Welt von ihm zu befreien.”