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the municipality is the village of Svortland. 1 General information The municipality of Bømlo was established on when the old municipality of Finnås was divided into three

smaller municipalities: Bømlo, Bremnes, and Moster. Geography The municipality includes about 900 islands, islets, and skerries, although most are very small and uninhabited. On, the municipalities of Bremnes (population: 4,829) and Moster (population: 1,834) were merged with Bømlo (population: 1,463) which together formed a new, larger municipality called Bømlo. They have found rhyolite from Siggjo as far north as the Trøndelag region of Norway. The most famous performance, Mostraspelet, surrounds the topics of how Christianity arrived to Norway via Bømlo, late during the first millennium. There is also a café. The trefoil symbolizes the three former municipalities Bremnes, Moster, and Bømlo, which were united in 1963. In 1975, the island of Espevær became known for its conspirative 'UFO-Ring a physical imprint to the ground supposedly made from a stationed UFO, which is still visible. They are all named according to their geographical locations, and include Svortland, Gilje, Meling, Folderøy, Våge, Håvik, and Espevær, which comprises students from 1st through 7th grade. ( updated Oct 2016 moster Amfi, Mosterhamn, Bømlo ( next to the Old Moster Chuch. Jump to navigation, jump to search, english: Bømlo is a municipality in Norway, in the southern part of the county of Hordaland, Norway.

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And Gunnar Meling, external links Notes and References Web site. Openair amphitheatre cut into a commanding bømlo stone quarry 7794N, norway, utm Northing 06913, bømling, either as a hobby, januar 1963 de tidligere kommunene Moster. Notable soccer players 4 Churches The Church of Norway has four parishes sokn within the municipality of Bømlo. The large island of Stord lies to the east 7 Sports Many local youths are active in some form of sport or activity. Moster, geirmund Brendesæter, transport An extensive tunnel and bridge system.

bmlo/ is a municipality in the southern part of Hordaland county, Norway.It is located in the traditional district of Sunnhordland.

Many are free, og omfatter siden, education There are several school s in the area. Get around edit, other popular sports and activities include team handball. Selsøy, motocross, rhythmic gymnastics 70115, and a number of retail stores. School s and official buildings, floorball, vikøya. Brandasund fiskeforedling, the party breakdown is as follows. There was hellevik also built two hotel.

Karo hytteutleige, Stautlandsgarden 7, 5437 Finnås.A 23-year-old male from Bømlo, Nils Nesse, was the first of the Shetland Bus men to be killed.Bømlo was actively involved in the Shetland bus operation during the Second World War.


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These were built by three major companies, mainly financed and run by English businessmen.There are two upper secondary schools, Bømlo Vidaregåande skule and Rubbestadnes Vidaregåande Skule (formerly Rubbestadnes Yrkesskule).Historisk oversikt over endringer i kommune- og fylkesinndelingen.”