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not distributed, natural remedies may be administered to relieve discomfort from the ailments that accompany drug abuse. Special residences for heroin addicts are now subsidized by the municipality, with

24-hour onsite supervision by qualified social workers to ensure the success of the program. Gjennom sosiale tjenester og helsetjenester arbeider Strax-huset for å kostnad elbil redusere fysiske, psykiske og sosiale problemer som følge av rusbruken. Photo courtesy of Strax-huset. Our first stop was Nesttun, a half-hour trip on the tramway from the city center, the home of a day rehab center. As I talked with the staff at Nesttun, I asked them if they have a vision for the future. The house is stylish, comfortable and clean. Description, strax-huset er en bydekkende enhet i Bergen kommune, som yter en rekke sosialfaglige og helsefaglige tjenester. They view their work as vitally important and they like their jobs: for them the rewards outweigh all challenges. By the mid-nineties, heroin had found its way to Norway, and the park lawns were filled with needles and syringes. This year alone the staff of 100 has already seen 5,000 visits, servicing approximately 1,500 unique users.

Strax huset bergen

Norway, they may not always find their way home. Dette er smilet til Kristin, avdelingen tilbyr en rekke ulike sosial og helsetjenester. After three years of planning and huset preparation.

Bergen kommunes nettsted - informasjon og tjenester for innbyggerne i Bergen.Mobilisering for et bedre liv!

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Following the first in Oslo already in 2005. And the proper equipment and a sterile environment provide some protection. Grappling with bernhard borge aage gramstad heroin addiction is a difficult. Clean needles were distributed to curb the rising HIV epidemic and lower overall health risks. Injection by needle carries the risk of infection and wounds. In December 2016 a safe injection room was added. The second of its kind in Norway. But she responded immediatly when we text her that we couldnt find the house.

At both Strax-huset and the Nesttun facility, approximately 75 of the clients are men.But I learn from the facilitys director, Hugo Torjussen, that the approach at the treatment center is much the same as at Nesttun, one of humanitarian assistance.Taket på huset måtte repareres.


Strax - huset - Damsgårdsveien 106, Bergen, 5058, Norway

The staff at Nesttun believes that maintaining a sense of dignity is key on the road to recovery.Incoming clients are carefully vetted before the staff oversees their safe injections.Hvem kan være representanten for den typiske nordmann?”