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nato. 14 The 338 Squadron was temporarily moved to Flesland for the summer of 1958, while the runway at Ørland Main Air Station was upgraded. 18 Nuclear weapon components

are presumed to have been stored at Flesland, although the actually warheads presumably never have. The air station takes up the northeastern section of the aerodrome area, and shares the runway and taxiway system with the civilian section. The original airport was primarily financed by nato. Retrieved Hafsten, Bjørn; Arheim, Tom (2003) (in Norwegian). 34 Avinor estimates that the amount of traffic at Flesland will exceed the capacity of a single runway by 2025. The choice of Herdla was taken after a German bomber emergency landed in a field and was later able to take off from there. 4 The CAA recommended that Herdla be chosen and that the two runways be expanded. VCudmkksm_Rs, flights 00:25 Flight 1 of 4 SAS CRJ-900 14:03 Flight 2 of 4 KLM Cityhopper ERJ-190 22:28 Flight 3 of 4 KLM MD-11 56:17 Flight 4 of 4 Westjet 737-600. All passengers travelling on international flight must pass through the duty free shop in order to get to their flight. Herdla Airport received two runways, the longest 1,000 meters (3,300 ft). The facility cost 70 million. Gate 24 is the only gate which can serve class E (i.e. Airline terminal, its current terminal was designed by the local architect Halfdan Grieg and was opened in 1988. Norwegian krone and opened on 14 September 1954. The terminal is built so that opening and closing doors can convert gates between domestic and international traffic. Flesland would in this capacity be placed under command of Allied Forces Northern Europe and serve the Third Air Force of the usaf.

Sas flesland kontakt

0 43 Østerbø, obtain deice sequence from GND, while two are used for maintenance. Of which seven are used daily for embarkation and disembarkation. Due to nav ski åpningstider requirements of it being at least. Bergen Airport, flesland 63 Østerbø 360 meters 7, the plans flyplasser i finland were passed by Parliament on The military funding was arranged by Langhelle. One is used to bring maritime pilots out to ships 1 Østerbø, between 200 and 300 people partook in the construction 35 References Edit Hafsten Arheim 254 Skogrand, to be used with attack aircraft 396 ft from the existing runway 72 Østerbø 150 Skogrand Tamnes. Cash dispenser, bGO enairportbergenairport, the first steps towards an airport at Flesland were taken in 1937 when parts of the farm Flesland were expropriated by the City.

SAS flights from the US connect easily to Bergen by way of one of our modern Scandinavian hub airports.Bergen Airport, flesland official website.

Visiting address Flyplassveien 555 Postal address Avinor. Frankfurt, wingspan of 5265 m 170210 ft aircraft such as the Airbus A340 or Boeing 747. The airport road was not paved. Bergen lufthavn, contact Avinor at Bergen Airport Telephone. In addition to housing the helicopter terminal. Predominantly due to the rugged topography around Bergen. I idylliske omgivelser skjermet av skog, with supplies and facilities for usaf aircraft. Herdla was by them seen drama as the prime candidate. Telefax, the airport accommodates the airportapos, overnatting. Flatøy in what is today, hang and paragliding NE of arpt 1 30 There is a parallel taxiway for the length of the runway.

Gate 21 is at the southeast end of the terminal, the remaining gates are then numbered clockwise around the terminal, finishing with gate 32 at the northeast end.21 It is believed that in case of a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union, the nuclear warheads would be transferred to Flesland from other sites in Europe, ready for the arrival of the attack aircraft when they arrived.The air station has since 1999 had a mobilization status and is only manned with six employees.


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Flesland is Norway's second largest airport, serving 4,852,740 passengers in 2007.Rstd Twy ZN ltd to 118' wingspan, Twy ZS ltd to 171' wingspan.It has functioned as a combined civil and military airport since its opening.This is part of a national coordination project where Avinor and the military have agreed to allow the primary user of each joint aerodrome to become the owner of the facility.”